A woman who claims she was shot in the head by an NYPD officer while protesting against a man who has been convicted of murdering a black woman has been named the man who shot her. 

 Julia Dyer-Walsh told the New York Daily News that her attacker, who she believes was an undercover cop, was a veteran cop who was part of a group called NYPD’s “Team Anti-Cop”.

“I was a protester and a part of Team Anti-cop,” Ms Dyer, who is black, told the newspaper.

“He [the cop] said he was going to put me in a chokehold.”

She said the officer, who was not named, asked her if she had a gun and told her she had one in her hand.

“I felt like I was going down, I felt like he was holding me down and he said, ‘You know, you know what, I think I could put me down here,'” she said.

“And I thought I could just grab it and get it out of his hand.

And then I thought he was just going to let me go.”

Ms Dyer said she did not have time to think about the police officer and instead began screaming and kicking.

She said that her assailant took a step back and then fired three shots at her, killing her.

Ms Dyran said she was “a bit shaken” and “shaken and upset” after her attacker shot her in the face.

“We were doing our protest and I was standing right next to him, and he pulled out a gun, pointed it at me, and shot me,” she said, adding that she was hit in the back of the head.

“The whole time, I was like, ‘Oh my God.'”

Her attacker then left the area. 

“He came back with a gun to my back and he was like ‘I’m going to kill you, you’re going to be dead’,” she said in a statement.

Ms Duny-Washalls lawyer said her attacker had no record of a felony or traffic violation. 

In an interview with ABC News, Ms Dyrans attorney said that she had “no idea what his name was” when she was stopped by police and had no idea who he was.

“His story was just unbelievable,” Ms Duny said.

“I’m a woman.

He was just not a person I could get along with.” 

The man is currently serving a 20-year sentence for a murder in Brooklyn in 2016.