How to use your Nikon D7100’s f/2.8 lens to capture amazing portraits

You’re not going to be able to take pictures with this Nikon D700 (or D7000) lens, but you can still enjoy its excellent colour and depth of field capabilities.

The camera offers an f/4.5 lens, which is just as good as f/1.4, but the depth of focus has been enhanced to an f-stop of f/11.

This means that you can capture incredible shots at a wide aperture of f-1.7 and f-2.0.

Even with the new lens and a relatively large sensor (12.8MP vs 9MP on the D7200), the D700 is still able to capture images of extraordinary quality.

The only thing to remember about this lens is that it’s a Nikon D300 and not an D600, which makes it quite the bargain.

You can get the lens for as little as £100, so if you’re willing to shell out the extra cash, this might be a worthwhile purchase.