The ring that a few years ago has been worn by one of my favorite women, Sally Field, could be the ring that gives me the most joy.

It’s the ring I wore at the 2011 World Cup, and it symbolizes something else.

It symbolizes that the sport of volleyball is so much bigger than just the sport that it has played for so many generations.

The ring represents the women’s game and the women that have been there, the women who have played in it.

For the women of this sport, who have been in it all their lives, it symbolically represents their future, and that future is in the Olympics.

When you think about it, the ring is an extension of all of the women, all of their dreams, all the sacrifices, all their struggles.

So that’s why it’s so important for me to wear it.

And it’s also a symbol of hope.

Because we have to look at these Olympics and say, OK, we can do it, and we can bring the best of this to the women.

This ring is just the start.

It represents hope.

It will inspire hope.

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