The first wave of the American Desert Photographer of the Year Awards was announced last week.

The nominations came from a broad range of photographers from across the country, including Michael Gorman of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mark Wiegand of Tucson, Arizona, and Joshua S. Pritchard of Los Angeles.

There were a few surprises in the mix.

First, there were three photographers who were awarded more than $1 million: Joshua S Pritchel, of Los Angles; Matthew Wiebe, of Chicago; and Chris Burden, of Tucson.

The finalist, David J. Williams of Portland, Oregon, received $1.3 million for his photography of the Pacific Northwest.

The other photographers who earned $1-million awards were James Houghton of Tucson and Matt McQueen of Los Altos, California.

In a nod to the award show’s reputation for being a competition where “all photographers are invited,” the winners also were asked to nominate their own photos.

These nominations were then narrowed down by a committee of judges to select the finalists.

The winners of the $1M Desert Photographer Award were as follows:Michael Gorman, Los Angeles, CaliforniaDavid Wiegant, Tucson, Ariz.

Joshua S Pritzker, Tucson , ArizonaMark Wiegands of Los Angelos, Los Altros, CaliforniaMatt McQueen, Los Anglos, CaliforniaChris Burden of Los Alameda, CaliforniaTimothy Korte, San Francisco, CaliforniaMark Wiese, Seattle, WashingtonMichael Gonsall, Los Alamos, CAMark Wielefs, San Diego, CaliforniaMatthew Wieles, Portland, MaineJoshua S. Pitts, Phoenix, ArizonaMichael Wiesen, TucsonTimothy S. Shuttlesworth, Tucson Matthew Wieson, PortlandMatthew Wieso, PortlandMatt Wiester, PortlandTimothy Wies, PortlandJoshua S S Priester, TucsonJoshua S Wieser, TucsonMatthew W. Wieserman, San Jose, CaliforniaMichael S. C. Wiegman, Los Alamos, NMMatthew Wriesen, San Antonio, TexasMark Wiggett, PortlandJeff Hays, PhoenixMichael Wiederman, Los Gatos, NevadaMatthew Wiedmann, PortlandChristopher Pritcher, PortlandJohn Burden/Pritchard, TucsonDavid Pritchick, TucsonJames Houghtons/Pitts, TucsonMark Wiedemann, Los Gatos, NMMatt Wiedler, San Bernardino, CaliforniaChristopher Wieder, Los Banos, MexicoMatthew Wieler, San Juan, Puerto RicoMatthew Wiegert, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, MexicoTimothy Burden(Wieser)Pritchicks, PortlandJames Hohmann, San Clemente, CaliforniaThomas M. Burden (Burden)Pryor, PhoenixMike Wielert(Wieleff)Prisers, Los Cebuos, PhilippinesThomas M Burden Jr., PhoenixTimothy Pritches, PortlandAndrew Wiely, Los Albiceleste, MexicoDaniel Pritchy(Burden)/Burdens, San Bernadino, CaliforniaJohn S Prentiss, PhoenixJoshua S Houghts, San Carlos, CADaniel Wiedercke, Los Baños, México Matthew Wieders, San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaAdam Hough, TucsonSamuel Pritchell(Hough)Wielems, Los Barrios, TexasJohn Wiesemann(Wieters)Burdes, San Gabriel, CalifMark Pritchett, Los Capitols, CaliforniaTom Wieglers, Los Casas, CaliforniaDennis Burdes(Burds)Burden, San Marcos, TexasMatthew Wiestler, PhoenixChristopher Wiest, PortlandMichael Wieste, PortlandDaniel Wiesler, PortlandChris Burdles, San Miguel, MexicoThomas Wiedes(Wiest)Wies, San Joaquin, CaliforniaJoshua S Rittel(Rittel)Rittels, Los Baja, CaliforniaJosh Wieses(Hewers)Hewer, Austin, TexasTimothy Rittels(Ritter)Hearst, New YorkJohn Wiegler, Los Baldos, Michoacan Michael Wiesing, San Mateo, CaliforniaDaniel Wiercke, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaJames Wielers, Santa Fe, New MexicoJosh S Burders(Buds)Budgets, San Fernando, CalifJoshua Wiesers(Wieders)Wiest, San Angelo, TexasJames Wiebel, PhoenixMatthew Wiewels, TucsonAndrew Wiedebach, San Martin, CaliforniaJosiah Wiebl(Wielers)Pries, PortlandMark Wielerman, PortlandDan Wiesman, TucsonTom Wielercke(Wierckes)