AMA with Dean Stewart: ‘We Need to Talk About Our Relationship With Technology’

IGN is pleased to announce that the following AMA with renowned film and television writer Dean Stewart will take place this Thursday, October 7, at 6:00pm Pacific Time.

For those unfamiliar with Dean, he is one of the most respected voices in modern film and is best known for his role as Captain Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation, the series which spawned the films Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Dean has also written and directed numerous short films including The King of Kings, the award-winning drama A Few Good Men, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

In addition to his film and TV work, Dean has written and produced numerous television shows including The Bachelorette, The Big Bang Theory, and American Horror Story: Asylum.

Fans of Dean will be pleased to hear that he is also an avid video game player and enjoys the latest in high-definition gaming technology such as NVIDIA’s latest flagship GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

The AMA will be moderated by Dean himself.

You can find the details of the event below.

[UPDATE] The Dean Stewart AMA will take up to three minutes.

You can register here: If you’re attending, please remember to have a microphone and not use a microphone.

Thank you!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to Reddit user n0tail for the heads up.]