Pet photographer who took pictures of animals suffering at a local animal shelter was arrested on Thursday in connection with the cruelty case.

Kerry McBride, of the Humane Society of Southern California, was arrested by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office on charges of animal cruelty and felony animal cruelty.

McBride’s attorney, Marc Rosen, said McBride is not a registered sex offender and is a loving husband and father who cares for his family.

McBride was arrested at his home in Los Angeles and booked into the Los Feliz jail.

In court Thursday, McBride’s lawyers asked for a bond of $50,000.

The Humane Society said McBride is a “good citizen” who is “deeply committed to the protection of animals.”

McBride, who has owned and operated his own business since 2007, had taken the photos as a way to share his love of animals with his clients, including the cats, dogs, rabbits and turtles.

A Humane Society representative said that McBride had never harmed any animals and had been “brought into the world to serve his community.”

McBride has been working at a shelter for five years.

He had already donated more than $10,000 to the shelter and is expected to be released soon, the Humane Societ said.

McBrine said he had been in a relationship with his wife since they were 13.