When you’re not watching TV, you can enjoy the view of the sunset in your backyard.

Here are some reasons why.


The weather The temperature in Australia is generally about 34 degrees Celsius (86.3 degrees Fahrenheit) and the sky is quite clear.

When it’s cloudy, the sky can get a little cloudy, too.

That means you can see the sun and stars from your window and in the distance.

So you can get an amazing view of sunset in Australia.

If the sky looks too cloudy, you’ll need to get the curtains up, or at least put up a bit of curtains.

But you can also get a nice sunset on a sunny day with the right equipment.

If you have a little money to burn, you might want to bring a camera with you to capture the sunset.

If not, you could always ask a friend to get you a good view of your backyard and take a photo for you.


The environment It is the same in the Australian summer as in the winter.

It is a hot, dry and windy summer in the Northern Territory.

If it’s sunny and you don’t mind being in the shade, it might be best to stay in a tent, a garage or a shed.

If there are no trees to hide behind, you may be able to find a shady spot, but it might take a little time to get to that spot.

The view of nature is also better in the summer.

There are no clouds to block out the sun.

So there is plenty of sunlight, and you can spot birds, butterflies, other animals and insects.


The climate If the sun is up and you’re outside, the temperature will drop by about three degrees Celsius or about 5.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

But if the sun isn’t up, you should be able do the same outdoors with the windows closed.

The average Australian summer is about 28 degrees Celsius and the temperature drops by about 10 degrees Celsius.

It’s not as hot as it used to be, but the climate has changed.


The roads There are a lot of roadworks going on in the NT.

There is one in Alice Springs, which means it’s hard to get a good look at the sunset, but you can usually get an idea of where it is.

If, however, the roadworks are not going to have any effect on the view, you are likely to have to get in the car to see the sunset anyway.


The scenery There is always a lot to see in the remote areas.

In the Northern Maroochydore, the best place to be for the sunset is in the town of Winton, which is a long way from Alice Springs.

If I wanted to see sunset in Winton from Alice, I’d have to drive for about 45 minutes and then I’d go back to Winton.

Winton is a beautiful town with lots of green hills, a lake and many other scenic spots.

If all you are looking for is the view from the car, then it’s probably not the best time to visit Winton or the surrounding areas.


The people and the culture The NT is the only country in Australia that does not have a national park.

It also has a long history of people who live in remote areas of the NT living a nomadic lifestyle.

There’s also a lot more people in remote regions than in cities.

The NT has its own language, too, which you can learn in a language school.

And there are many Indigenous groups in the country.

If that’s what you are after, you need to be prepared to adapt.

The locals will help you out, but they’re usually very nice.

The best time for sunset viewing in the region is on summer nights when the sun rises.

When the sun goes down, the view becomes less spectacular, but sometimes it can still be good to see.

But at the end of the day, you’re probably just going to want to get out and enjoy the sun with a good pair of sunglasses and a good attitude.