How to Create a Unique Website for Your Blog, Photography Classes, or Anything Else You Want to Share

A new and improved version of the site builder is now available for those looking to create a website with just the right amount of creativity, ease of use, and customization.

The new version of Visual Studio Code now supports a host of new features, including:1.

Use Visual Studio as a backend server and host your blog, photography classes, or any other site in the cloud.2.

Easily add, customize, and share content from Visual Studio.3.

Share content in real time, without the need for complicated server-side coding.4.

Share your code on Google Plus and LinkedIn.5.

Create your own WordPress themes for WordPress.

This includes a wide variety of theme formats, including a wide array of custom fonts, themes, and images.6.

Upload your WordPress themes to the Visual Studio Online Store.7.

Create and manage your own plugins, themes and themes packs, and customize them to your liking.8.

Share custom fonts from Visual Design Pro, the world’s largest and most comprehensive font library.9.

Create, upload and manage themes from Visual Composer, the leading WordPress font tool, and the easiest way to get fonts.10.

Share and update your theme settings and plugins from Visual Code.11.

Easier collaboration with other developers.12.

Share code directly from your browser, without having to log into Visual Studio and manage files.