Photographer Brian Houghton uses a lot of images to illustrate the beauty of the city he’s living in, but sometimes he needs to use a lot more than a few simple lines and shadows.

This is why he’s one of the few photographers in the world to use hundreds of thousands of photos to create a full-length portrait of his bride and groom, each capturing a different aspect of their relationship.

In this new TED Talk, Houghtons talks about how he does this, why he thinks it’s important, and how he uses his experience to help other photographers out there.

The video below, originally published on March 4, will also help you get a better sense of what’s involved in creating a full, high-quality wedding photo.

And if you’re a photographer looking for inspiration, you can find all the pieces here.

Houghtons TED Talk is also available on YouTube.

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The full video will be posted at 5 p.m.

PT/8 ET on March 15, 2018, so don’t miss out.

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