article Canon D30, D30X and D3X lenses have been on the market since late 2016, with Canon now offering a new generation of EF lenses for the first time in 2017. 

The new lens offerings were announced last week, with the D30 being announced in September and the D3 X coming to the UK on the 11th of October. 

Canon also announced the availability of the new EF-S 55mm f1.7L USM Lens in the US for an introductory price of £1,599.00. 

 These lenses will be available on all Canon EF cameras as well as some of the EF lenses from other manufacturers. 

However, the D300 is the first lens to go into general release. 

For those interested, here’s how to use the new lenses in your shots:1. 

Hold the camera to your face, then hold the lens firmly. 


Place the camera in the camera’s zoom range, but not as wide as the image you want to capture. 


Use the left/right controls on the camera screen to position the lens. 


Move the lens to a new position. 


Press the shutter release button to bring up the menu. 


Close the camera.

 This tutorial has been written for Canon D3000, D3x and D5.

For more information about Canon EF lenses, see our Canon EF lens guides.