Obama: ‘We don’t have enough people’ to tackle climate change

From President Barack Obama’s statement on the U.S. response to the devastating floods in Louisiana: We don’t yet have enough personnel to respond effectively and effectively.

We are taking a number of steps to try to make sure that we have the best resources to respond to this crisis.

But we have to remember that Louisiana is a very special place, where the people of Louisiana are just as committed as anyone else to their environment.

And so we know that when we do have the resources that we need, that we can respond in a way that we believe will actually help our people.

We know that it is going to take a long time, but we have been making progress on this.

The president said on Monday that the U:S.

will provide $1 billion to Louisiana and the state to aid in rebuilding after the floods.

It is unclear how much of that will go to the state and how much to Louisiana.

President Obama also said he is looking at “how we can increase incentives to clean up our air and our water,” and has ordered a task force to examine the effects of climate change.

This includes what he called “rehabilitation” of infrastructure damaged in the flood, and the importance of a plan to provide grants to states for projects that will help rebuild their communities.

He also called for an independent review of climate-change research and the use of private funds to pay for it.

We need to do better in Louisiana.

That’s why we’re committed to this review.

Obama’s comments came after the president said he would send $1.6 billion to the states to help them repair their flood damage and rebuild their infrastructure. 

More than 100 people were killed in the flooding and more than 1,000 were rescued in the days following the devastating storm.