The Irish landscape is a vast and fascinating collection of natural and man-made features, often overlooked by the tourist industry.

But a new book from photographer Dean Stewart has captured the essence of this magnificent landscape, and the beauty of nature. 

The new book, Landscape of Light: Ireland’s Natural World, will be released in the coming weeks and is available for purchase at 

 The book is the culmination of Dean Stewart’s award winning book Landscapes of Ireland, published in 2015. 

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Land of the Rising SunThe first volume of Landscapes Of Ireland was published in the spring of 2019, and it was followed by Landshadows of the Sea. 

In a new interview with Irish broadcaster RTE, Dean said he wanted to write a book that gives a more personal and personalised view of the landscape. 

“It is a beautiful book and I wanted to give a different view of the landscapes that I see,” he said. 

Dean said the idea to write the book came after he had been researching his photography. 

He said that the beauty of nature and the landscape had always been important to him.

“It’s like I can see a river flowing and know it’s flowing through the river,” he explained. 

And in the book, Dean explores the natural world from the perspectives of different types of photographers.

“There’s a photographer who focuses on the water, and a photographer whose focus is the sea.

Then there’s a journalist who focuses in the air and the sea, and so on.”

The whole thing is a series of photographs,” he added. 

This new book explores the natural landscape in Ireland from a personal view. has available Bookshops Dean’s book is available to order for $28. 

His next book, The Landscape of Ghosts, will follow in February 2019. 

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