LONDON — This year marks the first time in 40 years that a lion will be immortalized in a painting.

As the world mourns the death of Cecil the lion, the work of renowned abstract painter Vincent van Gogh was made available for the first day of the official unveiling of the work by the British government.

The installation of the lion on a wall in London’s Parliament building will take place on Saturday.

The work is titled Lion, and it’s set in a landscape called the Great British Forest, which is a popular destination for the artist’s work.

Van Gogh is famous for using the Great Britain forest as a backdrop for his work.

His most famous paintings are the Mona Lisa and the Monet.

The Great British forest is not just an artistic treasure trove; it’s also a place where he shot his famous oil paintings, which have become symbols of his artistic sensibility.

Van Gelder’s Lion on a Wall will feature a lion cub standing on a bench in front of a white backdrop, and he will depict the lion in a scene of his own creation.

The lion will sit atop a chair, and its claws will be outstretched as if it were a hand holding a child.

The painting is set in the Great Britian Forest and will take up more than 20 acres.

The artist’s father died in the late 19th century and was left the sole surviving member of the family.

It was the first of Van Gelders four children.

The young van Googers were inspired by his father and other family members to pursue a career in painting and art history, and to build a life in London.

After Van Geleyres father passed away, the family relocated to Paris and lived there for the next four decades.

Van Gring’s paintings in the garden of the French Embassy are one of the highlights of his life.

The works were sold for millions of dollars and were then transported to the United States where they have been exhibited in museums and museums around the world.