You’ve probably noticed that Google News has moved to a mobile app format in the last few months.

This is because of the number of mobile users and the ease of access that it provides.

It has also led to some interesting new features for Google News users.

Firstly, Google News will now use Google Analytics for its analytics.

Google Analytics is an online data-mining service which aggregates your Google search history and other information.

With the new mobile interface, Google has added some new features to make tracking and displaying results easier.

For example, you can now see the number and frequency of new posts that Google has indexed within the past 24 hours, and the number, frequency and length of posts that have been viewed by your Google News readership in the past day.

Secondly, you are now able to share your posts with your friends on Google+ or Facebook.

In addition, you will now be able to set a time limit for each post.

If you have many followers on Google+, you will be able choose to share them all at once, or you can share a specific post for only a small number of followers.

Lastly, Google is introducing a new tab that lets you set your Google account and search preferences to show more results for the most popular articles.

As well as being able to search the site directly for a specific article, you may also be able click on a title to show a preview of that article, and select the option to show the full text of the article instead.

This will allow you to see the article on a new page within Google News.

The changes in this version are:This update also includes a few new features in Google News for mobile users.

The most significant is the ability to see more recent posts in the News tab.

You can also view the number number of new content posts that your readers have shared within the last 24 hours.

If you are a member of a Google+ community you can also choose to show only those articles that have recently been shared by your readers.