With the advent of the new year, it is no longer a question of what to look forward to in 2017 but rather, how to prepare for what may be a bumpy ride.

There are many great photographers who are at the forefront of the photography business today, but who may have been overlooked during the years of growth in the industry.

Here are some of the best photographers in the business today.


Anna Mae Young – The latest instalment of Anna Mae’s photographic series, This Is Your Life is out now, and features some of Australia’s best young creatives.

She is known for her captivating photographs of the city, from the Sydney Opera House to Sydney Harbour, as well as other locations around Australia.


Amy Loomis – The Australian of the Year, The Australian Young Woman of the Future, The Emerging Artist of the Century and a New Zealand-born, Australian-raised actress.

She is a passionate advocate for women’s equality, and has been an integral part of the campaign for the Recognition of Women’s Suffrage in the United Kingdom.


Kate Harrison – The most successful and prolific photographer of her generation, Kate Harrison has shot some of our most iconic shots.

She has also produced some incredible photographs that are considered classics of contemporary photography.

She’s also been a photographer for decades, and she’s still one of the most respected in her field.


Emily O’Connor – A photojournalist, documentary photographer, editor and founder of Photography.com.au, Emily has been a part of photography for over 20 years, and now has over 70,000 followers on Instagram.


Emma Hogg – One of the world’s most celebrated photojournalists, Emma Hagg has captured the lives of some of history’s most iconic people.

She was an influential photographer in the 1930s and 40s, and was an award-winning feature photographer for LIFE magazine.


Emma Lee – A prolific, award-winning photographer and film and television producer, Emma Lee has been called one of Australia ‘s greatest photographers, and her work has been showcased in The International Emmy Award-Winning Short Film Competition.


Mark Harris – Mark is one of Sydney’s most sought-after photojournalistic personalities, and is one half of the award-wining Sydney-based production company, Tearaway Pictures.

He is also a frequent contributor to The Sunday Times, and in 2016 was named one of Time Magazine ‘100 People to Know’ by Time Magazine as one of “30 Australians to Watch.”


Mark Smith – A long-time member of the Australian Professional Photography Association, Mark Smith has been involved in photography for many years, including with his own portfolio.

He has worked for both ABC and The ABC, and his work has also been featured in The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, and many other publications.


Tom Schaffer – A Sydney-born photographer, Tom Schachner has captured some of Sydney ‘s most iconic moments in his iconic images.

He’s also had a long career in film and photography.


Mark Tully – The acclaimed photographer and director, Mark Tinson is a prolific photographer and producer, having been a member of The Sydney Group for more than 30 years.


Rob Walker – The celebrated photographer and filmmaker, Rob Walker has photographed Sydney’s finest in his extensive portfolio.

Walker has won three Golden Globe Awards for his work.


Matt Brown – Known as the “Queen of Australia”, Matt Brown is a photographer, photographer, photojournalism pioneer, and the editor-in-chief of The New Yorker magazine.

He recently produced the film A Story in the Clouds, a film about Sydney’s waterfowl.


Nick O’Hara – One half of The Blacklist, Nick O”Hara has worked extensively with Australian cinemas including The Sydney Theatre Company, which is also where he began his career.

He also worked for The ABC and Sydney Television Network.


John Halliday – One-half of The Great American Photo Festival, John Halladay has been one of cinemagoers greatest ambassadors for the photographic medium, and an advocate for the rights of the creative community.

He served as an editorial director at the Sydney Film Festival for several years, where he helped establish a new approach to the field of film.


Sam O’Keefe – Sam O”Keefe is a former member of both The Sydney Film and Television Festival and the Sydney Theatre Group.

He was a member and editor of the Sydney Observer from 2006 to 2009, and a member, editor, producer and director of The Daily News for the past two years. 


Mark Giannini – A well-known and respected Sydney photographer, Mark Gannini is a master